Lately With Lila | June 2019

Hey, friends! I hope you're all doing well! May was a fairly chill month irl, but, man, I did quite a bit of blogging and some good reading too! Life bestowed upon me some kick*ss books and what else was I to do but build a TBR with said books and then absolutely demolish it? Nothing … Continue reading Lately With Lila | June 2019


Lately With Lila | May 2019

Whew! What a month May was! And it feels like it lasted forever! It seems like it was the beginning of the month and I was finishing up this past semester ages ago haha! But I guess that's what happens when your month is jam packed? Or when you live in a weird time warp! Who … Continue reading Lately With Lila | May 2019

Lately With Lila | Recapping 2018

Hey, friends! Happy winter!! It's been a hot second. Or, like, 355,876,576,453,765,090 sec... It's been a lot. Of seconds. Too many, in fact. Which is why... wait for it... I'm baaaa-aaaa-aaaack! A lot's been going on, life's been crazy busy and I've been crazy uninspired. I was gonna write this HUGE nine-and-a-half-month wrap-up but that got a little … Continue reading Lately With Lila | Recapping 2018