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Lila Accepts The Unique Blogger Award

Hey, y'all, it's Lila! I hope y'all are having a lovely day! I'm back with a tag--but this time I was actually tagged for it haha! Today I will be "accepting"...DRUMROLL PLEASE!...The Unique Blogger Award! I was tagged by the lovely Claire @ Cup of Books, so a huge thank you to her for spreading the fun!… Continue reading Lila Accepts The Unique Blogger Award

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Lila’s Monthly Review | December 2017

Hello, friends, it's Lila and I'm back with another monthly wrap-up! December was a pretty good month and the holidays went smoothly for me, so I can't really complain. I can' believe it's actually the end of 2017! It's cliché to say, but it seems like just yesterday it was the beginning of the year… Continue reading Lila’s Monthly Review | December 2017

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Lila’s Take | Wishing for Witches in YA

Hello, folks, my name is Lila and I have a bone to pick with the whole YA publishing industry. What's the super important issue I'm here to gripe about? Well, ya see, friends, I'm here to grouse about the fact that we have so few books centering around witches on the YA market! I don't know… Continue reading Lila’s Take | Wishing for Witches in YA