Rating System

Lila’s Rating System

This page is for anyone who wants clarification on my rating scale. I rate books on a five star scale. Here’s an in depth look at what my ratings mean:

5 Stars = A++ = BRILLIANT! Loved it! Would recommend!

4.5 Stars = A+ = Really incredible! Amazing

4 Stars = A = Above average! Very good! Would recommend!

3.5 Stars = B+ = Slightly above average

3 Stars = B = Average. I enjoyed it. Would recommend but to a select group of people I think would like it.

2.5 Stars = C+ = A little closer to average than not. Still, it wasn’t my favorite.

2 Stars = C = Below Average. Probably wouldn’t recommend.

1 Star = F= Did not like at all. Would not recommend, ever.

As I’ve said before, I’m fairly easy to please. I rarely rate books below 3 stars and I don’t recall ever rating a book 1 star, but you never know.

Claire’s Rating System

5 Stars = FULL ON OBSESSED– I loved this book with an evangelical zeal. I would recommend this book to anyone. (I rarely rate a book 5 stars.)

4.5 Stars = Absolutely LOVED it, but something minor (generally, a comparison to previous 5 star books) is holding me back from giving it the full 5 stars.

4 Stars = Incredible! This book was extremely enjoyable, I highly recommend.

3.5 Stars = Very good. I really liked this book, and would recommend it to a friend.

3 Stars = An enjoyable read. The story kept me entertained but didn’t wholly captivate me. I’d recommend on a person-to-person basis.

2.5 Stars = It was okay. Possibly the book just wasn’t for me, but I might recommend to a select group of people.

2 Stars = Didn’t like it, and probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

1.5 Stars = Strongly disliked, but had one or two redeeming features that saved it from being a complete flop. Wouldn’t recommend.

1 Star = Vehement dislike. I didn’t find anything redeemable in this book, and would not recommend to anyone.