A Blog for Bibliophiles

Well hi there!

*narrows eyes suspiciously…*

Wait…Did you come here because you love books??? Yes??? Well good! Cause if so, then you’re definitely in the right place!

My name’s Lila and I’m the bibliophile and book blogger extraordinaire who’s behind Hardcover Haven!

I began Hardcover Haven in 2015 as a kind of “sister blog” to my visual book blog, Inspired by Books. I’m bookish but I’m also a massive extrovert, so naturally I gravitated towards a community where I could talk to and interact with fellow bookworms. And with that, bada bing, bada boom—a book blog was born!

Hardcover Haven is exactly what the title implies—a haven for book lovers. Here you’ll find reviews, discussions, recommendations, news, and all sorts of fun things—all related to books! So have a look around and definitely say hi—this book lover doesn’t bite!

Who’s The Badass Blogger Behind The Books?

Who, me? Oh! Hey! Hi! *waves enthusiastically* I’m Lila (she/her)! I’m a 27 year old college student studying physics and anthropology who hails from right outside Washington, D.C. When I’m not reading, blogging, or saving the world through science, I can usually be found singing (I’m a classically trained jazz, blues, and soul singer) or going on spontaneous “adventures” with my friends. I’m semi tri-lingual, have a serious obsession with hedgehogs (they are the cutest animals in the entire multiverse, that is a fact, FIGHT ME I DARE YOU), and I’m suspiciously fond of calculus (like, seriously—even I think it’s weird how much I enjoy a good calc equation). When I’m not here on Hardcover Haven, you can usually find me on my Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram.

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