Meet Lila


Hey Y’all! Welcome!

My name is Lila and this is Hardcover Haven, my review and bookish fun blog and the official sister blog to Inspired By Books!

I’m your typical twenty-something college kid who just happens to love reading, blogging, and graphic design and graphic editing (Oh! And hedgehogs! I am obsessed with hedgehogs). I’m a classically trained singer studying physics and biology. I have a big heart and an imagination which is just as big and which I’m prone to wandering off into at random times.

I love all things YA (I never really grew up, you see) and so that’s mostly what I review here! I love all genres of books in that age range, so you’ll find a wide range of YA books reviewed here.

Hmmm…What else? Random facts about me? I’m partially fluent in Arabic and Spanish. I used to train wild mustangs to work with differently abled and neurodivergent children. I once saved a beached seal. I volunteered in the forensic anthropology exhibit of a museum for a time. My favorite color is fuchsia. Did I mention I love hedgehogs? Haha, so that’s me in a nutshell.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy it around here—we aim to have a lot of fun!

Lots of Love,


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Meet Claire

2016-04-10Salutations! I’m Claire, and this is my first stint book blogging. My hobbies (aside from the glaringly obvious) include Netflix, cooking, and attempting to pet dogs that I pass on the street. For an up-to-date glimpse into what I’m currently reading, follow me on Goodreads!



Meet Maggie





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