Hogwarts House Recommendation: Booktube Edition | Slytherin

Hello, friends! Today is part two of my series of posts in which I sort booktubers into Hogwarts houses. Last time I shared some booktubers who I believe are Ravenclaws, and this time I’ve turned my eye to Slytherins!

Aside from being cunning and ambitious, other traits I associate with Slytherins are: cleverness, dark humor, confidence, and blunt, unfiltered honesty. One thing I’ve noticed is that all of the booktubers I’ve chosen for this category are pretty blunt and outspoken, but oftentimes in a snarky way. They’re not afraid to say, “You know, I really wasn’t a fan of that thing” or “I really loved this thing,” even if it’s an unpopular opinion. I guess this is also kind of something I associate with Slytherins—they have a comfort with being unapologetically themselves in a completely unrefined way. So here are some of the booktubers I feel embody that vibe!

S L Y T H E R I N   B O O K T U B E R S


Cindy of readwithcindy is, like, Peak Slytherin Booktuber. Hilariously blunt, sarcastic, and self-deprecating, Cindy is the absolute epitome of a Slytherin. Cindy has no qualms about calling it like she sees it minus all the disclaimers. She’s very good at subverting common “booktube tropes” through irony and sarcasm. But, in the end, as much as she might mock some of the sillier things that those of us in the book community might do, Cindy really does stand for the phrase “You do you.” If you’re looking for the most Slytherin of Slytherins, check out Cindy’s channel!


If you’re looking for a booktuber who just completely embodies the vibe of a Slytherpuff, Ali of HardbackHoarder is ya girl! Ali doesn’t hold back who she is or her opinions—and I love that about her! And, man! Does she bring the sass sometimes! She’s always honest, always kind, and sometimes very snarky. I feel like I didn’t know what a Slytherpuff looked like—until I watched Ali, that is! So, whether you’re a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff, a cross between the two, or neither, give Ali’s channel a look!

Liene’s Library

To me, Liene from Liene’s Library will always be another one of The Slytherin Booktubers—but in the best sort of way! Liene isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts and opinions, regardless of how popular they are. She’s blunt and unfiltered and full of sass and snark. Liene’s never one the shy away from being honest about what she thinks and she’s effing hilarious all along the way! If you’re looking for a brutally honest and hilariously blunt booktuber, Liene’s the one for you!

Thoughts on Tomes

I feel like everyone knows that Sam from Thoughts on Tomes is like booktube’s Slytherin queen! With her dark aesthetic and her love of even darker characters, Sam embodies the darkness of the overall Slytherin aesthetic. She’s a big fan of villains, antiheroes, and morally gray characters and she never shies away from divulging her true thoughts on books. I’d direct anyone looking for a good Slytherin book recommendation to Sam’s channel.

Riley Marie

Riley Marie wins the award for Most Sarcastic Slytherin Booktuber—but I love her for it! She always has something snarky to say and she never hides her feelings about books. I’ve watched Riley Marie since 2015 and I think in that period of time she’s only managed to become even more Slytherin-esque! I know if I want a good, Slytherin-ish time, I can count on Riley Marie!

So that’s all I got for Slytherin booktubers! I hope you had a good time and found some new booktubers who you might love! I love watching booktube and I find it super fun sorting my faves, so I’m so happy to bring some of that to you! Don’t forget to tell me all about your thoughts in the comments! Until next time!

T E L L   M E   A L L   A B O U T   I T

  • Do you agree with my recommendations?
  • Are there any booktubers you love to watch who you think are Slytherins?
  • Who are some booktubers that YOU think Slytherins would enjoy watching?
  • Who are your favorite booktubers?

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