Lila Does The Book Title Tag

Another day, another tag that I wasn’t tagged for but thought would be fun to do! This time I’m doing The Book Title Tag, which seems like such fun! This tag was created by Rachel Reads, but I’m doing the version of the tag done by Heather @ Bookables, which I believe is a mashup of two tags but I don’t know what the second is. Anyhoo, I’ve seen this tag floating around a lot lately and it looked really, really fun so I figured I try it out! So let’s get to it…
1. Title that’s the story of your life

Brown Girl Dreaming–This title fits my life because 1) I’m Black (hence the “brown girl” part) and 2) I have a lot of dreams that I hope come true!


2. Title that describes your perfect weekend

Nowhere But Here–On a perfect weekend, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than where I was at that moment!


3. Title of an adventure you’d like to go on

Map of Fates–Okay, this one’s a little more complex. I figured that the best kind of adventure is one in which you’re searching for your fate–and, of course, a map would come in handy!


4. Title you want to name your child

An Ember in the Ashes–Ember is actually a name that I’m seriously considered giving a future daughter.


5. Title of your ideal job

Daughter of the Pirate King–Can you imagine what it’d be like to be the daughter of a pirate king? You could be a pirate too and you’d get to have grand adventures and find treasures of all kinds!


6. Title of a place you’d like to visit

City of Glass–In Cassandra Clare’s The Shadowhunter Chronicles, “The City of Glass” is another name for the magical city of Alicante–a place which I think would be the perfect travel destination!


7. Title that describes your love life

Finding It–This title totally fits my love life because, as of right now, I’m single but looking for love!


8. Title of a question you ask yourself

Ms. Marvel: Generation Why–This title fits cause I’m always asking “Why?” As a scientist-in-training, I’m basically a professional why-asker! But, beyond that, I’ve always been really curious in all aspects of my life.


9. Title of a kingdom you’d want to rule or name

Crooked Kingdom–I think this could be a really cool kingdom. It could be like a kingdom of misfits and I, the most misfit-y of all, could rule over all! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahem.


10. Title you’d name your band

Lady Midnight–Lady Midnight would be a really cool and mysterious band name for a kind of smoky, indie rock band.


11. Title that describes how you feel right now

More Happy Than Not–I’m feeling kinda “meh” right now, but I suppose I’m feeling more happy than not.

12. Title that contains your favorite color

My favorite color is fuchsia, which is pretty impossible to find in a book title buuuuuuut the closest I can get is Red Rising so maybe that kinda counts?


13. Title that describes your booktube/blogging/bookstagram bestie(s)

Let’s see…This is a tough one! My bloggie besties are, of course, my two co-bloggers Maggie (who also blogs at The Caramel Files) and Claire, as well as Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews and Fadwa @ Word Wonders.


For Maggie I’ll go with A Million Junes because Maggie’s as summery as a million Junes! For Claire I’m gonna choose Fangirl because Claire and I met in college when we discovered we lived in the same dorm and loved all of the same books, movies, and TV shows–plus, if you know Claire, you know she’s a huge fangirl! For Fadwa I think Pushing The Limits best represents her because she always fights for good diverse representation in literature and is always demanding that in that regards, we push the limits of what’s been/being done. And, finally, for Lauren I think Shadow And Bone will be my choice because her aesthetic is very dark and shadowy!


14. Title that describes how you feel about 2017 so far

Perfect Ruin–Since I’m American, I feel like 2017 has been perfectly ruined due to recent and current events in the US.


15. Title that describes your relationship status

See #7


16. Title that describes your summer plans

The Unexpected Everything–The best kind of plans aren’t planned–they’re spontaneous adventures! I hope to experience everything unexpected and fun this summer! 


17. Title that describes your 2017 goals

Every Exquisite Thing–Because I want to experience every exquisite thing that life sends my way this year!


18. MY BONUS QUESTION: Title that describes you as a person

The Valiant–I chose this title because I feel like one of my defining traits is bravery. I’ve been through a lot but I always get through it with my head held high.

I tag…

Val @ The Innocent Smiley

Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

Nori @ Read Write Love 28

That’s it for today! I’d love to hear YOUR answers to any of the questions in the comments! Ta ta for now, y’all!

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