Lila’s Life And Loves of Late + THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Hey, ducklings! Boy. It’s been a long two weeks here in America. Long. It feels like the world has forever changed since I last talked to y’all. But what’s done is done and we all have to pick up the pieces and move forward from here as best we can. But enough of that. You didn’t come here to hear me moan about politics and the state of my country. As hard as it is to focus on other things at the moment, other things have been happening and for the most part in my life they’ve been good, fun, exciting things. There’s a lot to get through in this post–a BIG announcement, a recap of the goings on in my personal life, a recap of my reading life, and all of my latest loves! So let’s just get going and jump right in with a very exciting announcement!

The Big Announcement!!!

I’m delighted to announce that I’m welcoming aboard two incredible co-bloggers! Please give a warm welcome to my fabulous new co-bloggers Claire (previously of Book Conversion) and Maggie (previously of The Novel Orange)!

My decision to add co-bloggers sprang from my return to school and subsequent inability to keep up with The Bookkeeper’s Secrets as much as I was able to before.

Some of you may know that Claire and I co-blogged together at Book Conversion, however, we made a mutual decision that it would be easier for her to just join me over here as I already run this blog and Inspired by Books. Claire and I are friends irl who attended university together and met because we lived in the same dorm for two years. She’s funny and smart and I think y’all will really love having her voice and input on this blog!

Maggie and I met this past summer when we were on the same team for the Book Blogger Creativity Project (#BBCP). Maggie is a so kind and an all around great gal! She’s in a different part of her life than Claire and I and I feel that she will provide an interesting and different perspective to this blog!

I couldn’t be happier to welcome these two amazing individuals to the blog! I look forward to working with them and I hope y’all will get much more out of The Bookkeeper’s Secrets with their addition!

What’s Up In My Personal Life

I Began Classes

Okay, so I’m pretty sure y’all already know this, but it bears repeating as it’s pretty much the #1 reason why I’ve basically been out of commission. Although I’m still of medical leave, I started taking classes at my local community college back in August. I’m taking two classes–Biology and Arabic–plus a lab course. And you know what? I’ve been doing really well–academically and emotionally! I’m really enjoying my classes! But it does take up a lot of my time! Luckily, I happen to think its time well spent!

I Flew A Small Airplane

So my friend’s dad is in the Air Force and owns a small plane and he offered to show me how to fly it! Of course, I couldn’t refuse! I must admit: though it was fun, it was also terrifying! I’m still not convinced I’d want to do it again. But still–how many civilian 21-year-olds can say they’ve flown a plane?!

I Toured Caverns

There’s some famous caverns in my area which are open for the public to tour and so my friend and I visited them! I’d visited them before, but when I was nine, so I wasn’t that into it back then. But this time I thought it was so amazing! My favorite part was an underground pond in the caverns which reflected the cavern ceiling so well that you couldn’t tell it was water until you shined a flashlight at the edge!

I Met Amie Kaufman And Jay Kristoff

Not many authors come to my area, so when I heard that Amie and Jay–who are two of my all time favorite authors–were gonna be here, I jumped at the chance to meet them! They visited with Catherine Egan and Kiersten White and they were all so delightful and hilarious, as per usual!

I Voted In A Presidential Election For The First Time Ever

The last time a presidential election took place, I was 2 weeks shy of 18. But this time I got to vote and it was awesome! I’m proud to say I voted for Secretary Clinton, even though she lost. I truly believed in her and her cause and I hope to continue working toward that cause even under President-elect Trump.

What’s Up In My Reading Life

Currently Reading

Recent Reads


My Recent Loves!



Have you read Replica by Lauren Oliver? No? Okay, so you need to. Like, nowReplica is a masterpiece of beautiful writing, moral, ethical, and philosophical questions, and typical YA action and adventure! Please. I beg of you. Read Replica.


I discovered a lot of really great music in the past month. The playlist speaks louder than my words, so I encourage you to listen to it. Some of my personal favorites are Benjamin Wallfisch and Disa’s single “New World Coming” and Chance The Rapper’s whole album, Coloring Book (and, honestly, anything by Chance–I’ve been a big fan of his since I saw him perform at my university back in 2014)! So if you listen to anything, listen to those two!


I broke my nine month streak of not setting foot in a movie theater and went to see Doctor Strange and oh my freaking god it was sooooooo good!!! It was every geeky scientist/mathematician’s dream! It was like Marvel meets Inception meets higher level visual mathematics meets metaphysics! All wrapped up into one stellar movie! It was definitely worth breaking my streak for this one!

News Clip

So Leigh Bardugo officially announced she is working on a new book (it’s unclear if it’s new adult or adult, but it’s not YA) about secret societies at an ivy league school and I am all for it! The synopsis sounds intriguing and I absolutely can’t wait to find out more!

So that’s all! What’s been going on in your lives? How are you doing? Tell me all in the comments!

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Lila is a twenty-something college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

15 thoughts on “Lila’s Life And Loves of Late + THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!”

  1. Congrats on the new co-bloggers, Lila! I look forward to seeing Claire and Maggie’s posts. Also, whoa so cool that you got to fly a plane. That’s so awesome! Those caverns sound wonderful too. And yay for meeting Jay and Amie. I’m super jealous, haha.


    1. thanks lauren! i feel sure you’ll love them as they’re 2 awesome gals! getting to fly a plane was definitely awesome–and scary! i swear my stomach did 900,000 flipflops! the caverns were so amazing! and jay and amie were as hilarious in person as they are on the page! how have you been?

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  2. I can’t wait to see what your new bloggers post! I’m glad you’re enjoying your classes, even if they are taking up all your time 🙂 And OHMYGOD DR STRANGE YES!!!! It was so much better than I ever hoped!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha thank you, though i wouldn’t go *that* far! i just got lucky with that sentence, haha! ironically, i frequently mix up “مجنون” and “مشغول” because they’re so visually similar at first glance and end up saying things like “yes, i have been very crazy today!” lol! six years and it’s still a struggle! but im too invested and committed at this point! plus i love the language and my people!

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